Here is a list of some of the most common FAQs we receive:
[spoiler intro=”#1″ title=”What is the Spanish Audio Blaster?”]The Spanish Audio Blaster is the only intensive Spanish program created exclusively to develop the learners’ comprehension of real spoken Spanish.[/spoiler]
[spoiler intro=”#2″ title=”Who is this program for?”]The Spanish Audio Blaster is for students of any level who cannot understand real conversational Spanish. You can test yourself here to determine if this program could be suitable for you.[/spoiler]
[spoiler intro=”#3″ title=”I am an advanced student, but I cannot understand spoken Spanish. Is this for me?”]Yes. Unfortunately most language courses prepare students for reading and writing, and to a lesser extent speaking. Listening comprehension is often neglected or given as an afterthought. That creates huge imbalances in that even people who could easily express almost anything fail to understand even very simple phrases when said at a normal pace of speech. This is the area that we focus on, and where we excel.[/spoiler]
[spoiler intro=”#4″ title=”Is this a complete Spanish Course?”]No. A typical language course focuses on developing your 4 skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. As we have seen, most language courses, even the best ones, fail to develop listening comprehension skills, simply because they slow-down and simplify too much the Spanish they present to learners, rendering it unnatural in the process. That is where we come in. We focus exclusively on developing listening comprehension skills through real-life conversations. So this is a Spanish Program to enable you to understand the fast-paced conversation of real people from Latin America and Spain, but we do not focus on reading or writing. Optionally, you can request one of our teachers to work with you on your speaking skills.[/spoiler]
[spoiler intro=”#5″ title=”What about the speaking part?”]Listening and speaking go hand-in-hand. You could use this program to practice speaking with anyone you know, or if you prefer, you can request one-on-one sessions with one of our language specialists to roleplay different situations and give you conversational practice, while putting your listening skills to the test. Working with a teacher is optional and not included in the purchase price of the program.[/spoiler]
[spoiler intro=”#6″ title=”If I am currently studying Spanish, could I still use the SAB?”]Yes, you can definitely use The Spanish Audio Blaster in combination with any other Spanish program out there. Not only does it not interfere with other programs but it actually reinforces whatever you are learning.[/spoiler]
[spoiler intro=”#7″ title=”I need to learn to listen, speak, read and write in Spanish.”]If you need a very intensive, fast and extremely effective starter program, we currently have Jump-StartYourSpanish. This is the other side of the coin to the Spanish Audio Blaster. JumpStart Your Spanish focuses on reading, writing and speaking, and is perfectly alligned with the Spanish Audio Blaster, Level 2. What is more, its premium version includes the Spanish Audio Blaster. If you prefer personalized one-one lessons with a language specialist, (our preferred choice), please visit ESAUDIO.net [/spoiler]
[spoiler intro=”#8″ title=”How many levels of the Spanish Audio Blaster are there?”] We currently have Level 2, which suits almost any student from lower intermediate to advanced, but more basic and more advanced versions will be coming very soon.[/spoiler]
[spoiler intro=”#9″ title=”How can I tell if this program is just for me?”]Take this simple test and find it out![/spoiler]
[spoiler intro=”#10″ title=”I am a teacher. Could I use the SAB in my classes?”]Yes, but you need to get a special teaching license for that purpose. Please contact us for more information and specify the type of institution where you are planning to use this material, the number of teachers and classes with access to it, and the number of students as well.[/spoiler]