Understand Conversational Spanish Once and for All!

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Nothing beats the freedom of knowing that no matter who is in front of you, you will understand him or her.
If you are currently struggling to understand real spoken Spanish from Latin America or from Spain, this program is the perfect match for you.

The Spanish Audio Blaster is the most sureway Spanish Package to develop your comprehension of REAL FAST-PACED SPOKEN Spanish in RECORD TIME.

What do you get when you sign up?!

When you sign up, you get access to more than just a program, you get access to a whole listening comprehension development package to take you step-by-step from your current level to where you need to be. And should you need personalized help, you can either use the forum or if you would like to work with a professional language instructor in some specific parts of the program,  you can count on us.

For Schools, Universities and Businesses please see our Licensing information.