One of the main problems facing Spanish learners today is trying to understand REAL, FAST-PACED spoken Spanish. They have studied hard for years, and they can understand everything perfectly in their learning materials. But when the moment of truth comes and they need to talk to people, they just can’t get what the person in front of them is saying. They experience what we call “The Three Stages of NOT getting the message.”


Even though it may seem counter-intuitive to think that someone may speak Spanish very well, but yet, may not understand what is being said, this is NOT really uncommon.

Actually, it is one of the main problems that most intermediate to advanced learners have to deal with on a regular basis. It goes without saying that this causes a great deal of pain and frustration.

In the next video we will see why this happens.


After receiving more and more students with the same problem, I decided to do something about it. And that is why I developed:


What is “The Spanish Audio Blaster”?


The Spanish Audio Blaster is a laser-focused program with a radical  focus on developing your listening comprehension of Real Spoken Spanish.

Unlike most language programas that neglect, simplify or present listening comprehension as an afterthought, we strongly believe that listening comprehension is the most important skill in conversational Spanish. The purpose of this website is not to create some simplified or slow and easy Spanish for the classroom.  Our goal is to  train you to understand the brutally fast spoken Spanish that you will find in the real world.

Who is this website for?
This website is ideal for students of all levels who cannot understand regular, fast-paced spoken Spanish.

Oh so…this not just for beginners?
No. Even very advanced Spanish learners may struggle to understand conversational Spanish. Most of these students could read and write perfectly and even speak very confidently in Spanish but they can’t understand real spoken Spanish, even very basic things when said at a normal pace of speech. The purpose of this website is to enable students of any level to bring their listening comprehension skills to the same level as their other skills.

How will you get there?
By developing your comprehension stamina little by little, one step at a time. We start with as little as 10 second-dialogs of real spoken Spanish at a time, and gradually increase their length and level of complexity. Each new dialog is a bit harder and more challenging than the previous one. But let’s see this in action.


And, let’s get this out of the way, we will NEVER EVER show you the text before you have understood every single word said perfectly. If people came with subtitles, we would definitely do that. However, they don’t, and they do not speak slowly either, so we do not slow-down our conversations to make them more enjoyable or give you the false feeling that you can get them without breaking a sweat. In fact,  each dialog is as hard as you will find it in real life.

Don’t worry, we also create powerful activities and  show you priceless strategies to get you from understanding absolutely nothing to getting the gist, to understanding more details and later on  to understanding every single word said.

We take you  progressively and systematically from where you currently are, to where you need to be.

What if you need some help?


Any time we learn a language it is essential to have someone to help us. This is not just our belief but it is also backed up by years of linguistic research in the field of second language acquisition. For that reason, we want to be there for you, with two options:

  • 24/7 Forum Support: ask any questions about the activities you are doing, and a professional will reply to you in 24 hours or less. What is more, in most cases you will get an answer within minutes.
  • Live Online Teacher Support: Would you like to make the most out of this program? You can definitely request one of our teachers to help you out. This is not included in the purchase price of the program, but if you need any type of help, we’ll be there with you, every step of the way.

Not Just a Program, an Integral Listening Development Package

When you sign-up to the program, you get way more than you pay for. The following video will show you some of the many components of The Spanish Audio Blaster, an intensive AND effective listening comprehension package to enable you to understand the fast-paced Spoken Spanish that you will find in the real world.

Is “The Spanish Audio Blaster” for you?
Take this quick test and find out for yourself!

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