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As we saw in our previous videos, most language programs are quite effective at developing the learners' reading and writing skills, and to a lesser extent their speaking skills. However…

… 99% of language programs fail at developing the students' listening comprehension  skills

For the most part, standard  Spanish programs do a great job when students are  in control of a situation:
That is the main reason why you see that most students are fine when they need to read, write or say something. When they read, even if they do not know a word, they can always look it up, although more passive, they are still in control.

But it is a whole different story when they are NOT in control. Most standard Spanish programs are weak here. When someone talks you, what the other person says is up to that person, period. You cannot control the words coming out of their mouth and they come out fast! What a difference from those slow-paced conversations in Spanish courses!

This is not just something that just happens to beginning students. Even VERY advanced students struggle with the same type of problem. And that is the reason why I developed the SPANISH AUDIO BLASTER.

In this video I am going to show you how this practical step-by-step program can  turn the tables upside down and put you in control of your Spanish once and for all.


If you would like more information about THE SPANISH AUDIO BLASTER, please click here.

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Author of The Spanish Audio Blaster