Test Your Spanish Comprehension Skills!
Is the Spanish Audio Blaster the right tool for you? Do this simple test and find it out for yourself.

The audio files we are going to use for this assessment have been taken from  the Spanish Audio Blaster. They are some of the easiest ones but they are ideal to determine whether this program is appropriate for you or not. Before you start, choose the variety of Spanish that you prefer, either the Latin American Version or the European Version.

Your Assessment begins now
Click on one of  the play buttons below and listen to the conversation twice:

Latin American Spanish
[audio: SpanishAudioBlaster_Group2_dialog1_sample_LA.mp3]

[ssquiz id=”2″]

European Spanish (Spain)
[audio: SpanishAudioBlaster_Group2_dialog1_sample_SP.mp3]
How well did you do? Click on the buttons below and find it out!

[spoiler intro=”STEP 1″ title=”Click on the Button on the right after listening once”]Now, the important part. Leave your ego aside and answer:

How well could you understand the conversation?
a) It was a piece of cake, no challenge at all.
b) I could understand most of it without a problem.
c) I could understand some words, but I could not get the gist of it.

d) I could not get a thing of what they were saying.

If your answer is either A or B, great job! Now, try to transcribe the whole conversation, word by word, in 4 minutes or less. You can listen to the audio as many times as you need within the alotted time. (Check TRANSCRIPT & FEEDBACK below after transcribing the audio)
If you answered C or D, the Spanish Audio Blaster is definitely for you.
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[spoiler intro=”STEP 2″ title=”TRANSCRIPT & FEEDBACK”]Group #2, Dialog 1 (Latin American Version)
[audio: SpanishAudioBlaster_Group2_dialog1_sample_LA.mp3]
Mujer: Voy a ir a la tienda de computación para comprar una computadora.
Hombre: ¿Necesitas una computadora nueva?
Mujer: Sí. Mi computadora actual tiene muchos problemas. Necesito comprar una computadora nueva para trabajar. ¿Quieres venir conmigo a la tienda?
Hombre: Quisiera ir contigo pero no puedo. Tengo que ir al banco para pagar unas cuentas.
Mujer: No hay problema. Nos vemos más tarde.
Hombre: Adiós. Hasta luego.

Group #2, Dialog 1 (European Version)
[audio: SpanishAudioBlaster_Group2_dialog1_sample_SP.mp3]
Mujer: Voy a ir a la tienda de ordenadores para comprar un ordenador.
Hombre: ¿Necesitas un ordenador nuevo?
Mujer: Sí. Mi ordenador actual tiene muchos problemas. Necesito comprar un ordenador nuevo para trabajar. ¿Quieres venir conmigo a la tienda?
Hombre: Quisiera ir contigo pero no puedo. Tengo que ir al banco para pagar unas cuentas.
Mujer: No hay problema. Nos vemos más tarde.
Hombre: Adiós. Hasta luego.

Some Feedback

  • If you could easily transcribe all the words you heard, then this level of The Spanish Audio Blaster may not be for you. You may benefit more from a more advanced level (Coming soon)
  • If you had no problems to understand the gist (before reading the text), but you could not transcribe what you heard accurately, The Spanish Audio Blaster will definitely enable you to improve your listening skills. Sign up Now!
  • If you had trouble to understand the gist of what was being said, then The Spanish Audio Blaster is the right tool to take your Spanish to the next level. You can get immediate acces to the program right now.
  • If you could not understand the gist of the conversation, even after reading the text, you may benefit more from a starter program such as Jump-Start Your Spanish or one-on-one live online Spanish lessons with a teacher[/spoiler]

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